How Lasers Work


Simple explanation of the operating principal of a laser.

How Soap Works

County of San Diego, Live Well San Diego

Live Well San Diego shows a demonstration on how soap works to repel and wash away viruses, germs, and dirt.

How to Create a Portfolio with NewSchool of Architecture & Design

NewSchool of Architecture & Design

During this video session we will go over the basics on how to create a design portfolio for college admission consideration. Putting together a portfolio of your best projects can be a fun task and we want to help you along the process of becoming the next top designer or architect!

Illustrating Our Scientific Strategy

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Learn about the Vertex research principles that are the connective thread behind everything we do — from discovering molecules to applying our work in the clinic — and our hopes for the future of our pipeline.

Join us for a rare insider's view of the BSL-3 Lab at Sanford Burnham Prebys

Sanford Burnham Prebys

This video, shot just a few days before the opening our brand-new Biosafety Level 3 laboratory, is a unique opportunity to be inside the lab before it goes "hot" with virus. Only specially-trained personnel can enter once it does.