EIS-Paper Airplanes (San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering)

Elementary Institute of Science

Explore Aerodynamics with EIS Engineering Instructor, Mr. Justin! In this activity, students will develop various models of airplane designs and compare their speed and aerodynamic properties. You can download our Engineering: Paper Airplane Lesson at https://eisca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/EIS_Engineering_Paper_Airplanes_15APR2020.pdf. Instructions for Dart plane: https://www.foldnfly.com/1.html#Basic-Dart Instructions for Glider plane: https://www.foldnfly.com/6.html#Hunting-Flight

Employee Resource Networks: Diversity & Inclusion at Vertex

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Vertex employees discuss the diversity and inclusion programs available to them at Vertex.

Entomology Lab Company Tour

Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures, County of San Diego

If you have ever gone to a farmers’ market, checked out at a grocery store, pumped gas or wondered if that produce was truly organic, you have benefitted from the Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures. Learn from Dr. Cass, an employee at the Department about what they do in the entomology lab!

Environmental Health Specialist with Emergency Response Assignment

County of San Diego Hazardous Materials Division

Watch this short 5 minute video to learn about an interesting career in Environmental Health from Todd Burton, member of the Hazardous Incident Response Team. The County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health & Quality have staff out in your community everyday to help protect the citizens of San Diego from the harmful effects of hazardous materials.

Experiment - Acid-Base Indicator


Acid – Base Indicator – Learn about acid and base with red cabbage juice, water, lemon juice, and baking soda.