Did You Know? All Living Things Have Genes


All Living Things Have Genes – Genes are instructions for how living things make themselves using long molecules call nucleic acids. We look at nucleic acid code of bacteria or viruses, for example COVID, then use this information to make a test to detect the disease.



Overview of Daylight Solutions STEM Outreach employee volunteer program.

Dry Ice Bubbles

County of San Diego Hazardous Materials Division

Learn a little bit about Dry Ices’ unique properties and how it can be turned into bubbles. Learn why the bubbles are different than a normal bubble. It is -109F, so cold! You can make awesome bubbles and do this one at home but will need an adult with leather gloves for the dry ice.

EIS Computer Science-Binary Code Bracelets (San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering)

Elementary Institute of Science

Create your own binary code bracelet with EIS Computer Science Instructor, Ms. Clare! In this activity, students will translate their name into binary code, and create a bracelet to combine art with computer science. You can download our Computer Science: Binary Code Lesson at https://eisca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/EIS_Coding_Activity_Binary-Code_Bracelet_27APR2020.pdf

EIS Engineering-Stethoscopes

Elementary Institute of Science

Create your own stethoscope with EIS Engineering Instructor, Ms. Maria! In this activity, students will build their own stethoscopes and explore other bioengineering inventions. You can download our Engineering: Stethoscope Lesson at https://eisca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/EIS_Bioengineering_Build_A_Stethoscope_18MAY2020.pdf