Past Interns Share An Inside Scoop Into Intern Life Here At Vertex

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Past interns share an inside scoop into intern‚Äč life here at Vertex and what this experience has meant to them.

Pinhole Camera Physics

San Diego Mesa College STEM Conexiones

This experiment is presented by Yigithan Bal, a first year student at San Diego Mesa College studying computer science. It covers an explanation on the physics of how cameras were initially invented, and how you can make a pinhole camera, following some explanations of how it works and why it's interesting. Thanks to San Diego Mesa College, the 2021 STEM Expo, the STEM Corner Podcast, and Stem Conexiones.

PLNU: More than a number

Point Loma Nazarene University

This one minute video lists several of the attributes that help distinguish Point Loma Nazarene University as an institution of higher learning.

Pop the Top

County of San Diego Hazardous Materials Division

Watch this video about a chemical reaction that pops the top off of film cannisters and see what happens when a closed container is pressurized! This is a fun experiment you can do at home. Safety glasses recommended of course!

Powerful Polymers: the Chemistry of Plastic!


In this video, we uncover what plastics are chemically, how they're made, as well as why they matter to us and to the environment.